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About Me


As well as writing a popular blog of my own, I create unique and colourful content for numerous websites, online magazines, and social media channels. My creative style lends itself well to a social climate where readers are drawn to humour, integrity and transparency. 

I enjoy witty social banter (and the *occasional* pun), and I'm also well versed in the complexities of the social media world and understand how to share your brand's message in this dynamic digital space. 


Somewhat Relevant:

  • Lives just west of Toronto with husband and two children.
  • Have degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from McMaster University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education from The University of Maine.
  • Massive list maker. I even have lists of the lists that need updating. 
  • Taught elementary school for ten years. 


Totally Irrelevant (but a good time killer if you're reading this on your phone while waiting for a bus or something):

  • Can twirl a pen on my thumb and forefinger like a boss.
  • Gave up cable television in 2004.
  • There are eight mammals living in my home  — four are human.
  • When I laugh really hard, absolutely no sound comes out. 
  • I pun a lot. It's genetic. 
  • Allergic to cats and penicillin.
  • Can juggle. I'm not talking schedules (but I can do that too!). I'm talking circus style juggling. 
  • Rode an elephant in a jungle in Thailand, a camel through a desert in India and the subway across NYC.
  • Born and raised B.C. hence my love for Birkenstoks, the beach and skiing in the tuck position.
  • Can't parallel park to save my life.
  • My over-active imagination is the reason I am no longer allowed to watch horror movies.