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Lisa Thornbury is a former Toronto elementary school teacher, turned lifestyle/humourist/parenting/special needs writer (think "Erma Bombeck wannabe.") She provides original and syndicated content for online magazines, blogs and websites, and also puts her weight behind social media programs. Weight as in "social media savvy enthusiasm." Note: Lisa rarely speaks in the third person in real life. Lisa thinks referring to herself in the third person is weird. Though, Lisa isn't completely adverse to weird. 

Content Writing 

I push the keys on my keyboard and out comes...

  • original articles for online and print media.
  • content created specifically for your website or program.
  • ghost writing (It's not as scary as it sounds.)
  • product/service reviews hosted on my blog or published on your website. FYI—I occasionally write "advertorials" however they are relatable stories first and foremost. I will include your product when it fits the story, but I will not cut, paste and post your key messaging. If it's not authentic (Eep! I used THAT cliché word. Sorry, but it's not like I used the word moist.) I can't write it. You can find examples of branded content I've written HERE

Social Media 

I like to chat—it's like social media was created with me in mind. 

Sharing is caring. 

I'm experienced in social media strategy development and execution. Cole's notes—I understand what's happening behind the curtain. 


9 years relevant experience in content writing for the web.

I play well with others. 

I curse a lot when I'm writing, but I keep those words in my head—they only make it into my writing when it's a  f*cking integral part of the story. 

Strong creativity, attention to detail, positive and professional. Sometimes I'm funny.